Clear Mask Read My Lips Transparent Window Face Covering

Communicating with a mask can be difficult at times especially when you may be deaf or hard of hearing. Many individuals rely on reading lips, facial expressions, and visual cues to understand and communicate more efficiently with others. Those who speak a foreign language may also be relent on non verbal communication. Concerns over the spread of Covid-19 don''t seem to be going away any time soon and the CDC still recommends wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance when going out. 

For more information about Covid-19 visit the CDC website


Wearing a clear mask can be for anyone in reality, they are great for service workers and teachers as well or anyone who wants to show off their beautiful smile! We have customers who are special education teachers and wear them so that their students can read their lips and see their non verbal cues. Our mask come in two different colors in solid black and a camouflage design. These soft, adjustable ear loops, breathable, and reusable mask are like no other on the market and perfect all day wear. Mask hack if your mask does begin to fog up which is normal for these types of mask add a couple drops of anti-fog to the clear panel.

Get one for yourself or for someone who could greatly benefit from one of these amazing mask. 

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